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young wives' tales

For Better. For Worse

Lucy stole her friend Rose’s ‘happily ever after’ because she wanted Rose’s husband and Lucy always gets what she wants. Big mistake. Rose was the ideal wife and is the ideal mother; Lucy was the perfect mistress.

As Peter’s interest diminishes and Lucy’s domestic responsibilities increase, Lucy wonders if the ‘happily ever after’ is all a big con. Without a maternal bone in her body she’s always playing catch-up in a game where she doesn’t know the rules and can’t understand what there is to win anyway.

Rose doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe Lucy, she doesn’t like using expletives. A devoted single mum, she fills her life with labeling school uniforms, organic vegetables and car runs for extracurricular activities. She’s an exemplary mother but the boys seem to need her less and less and without them she wonders what she amounts to. Her friends are concerned that her life is devoid of passion, romance or even plans for the future.

They both envy Connie, who is happily married and is effortlessly balancing two kids with a fulfilling career until, that is, a dangerous old flame flickers back into view at the school gates and threatens her marriage.

All three of these women need more than blind belief to negotiate their way through modern life. Things can only get better…or worse. Or better?

Incisive and very very funny
— Company