whatever it takes

Eloise Hamilton is a Londoner born and bred, so it is a momentous day when she agrees to uproot to Dartmouth, leaving behind what has always been her ideal world so that her husband can live in his. She tells herself that there are compensations. Financially, it will mean a better life for her family, her mother-in-law Margaret will welcome her with open arms, and besides she can still rely on best friend Sara to be her life-line to London.

But both Margaret and Sara are facing their own difficulties. Margaret has lost her history, her health and her mind, so how can she hold on to the secret she has never wanted to reveal? Sara is consumed with a need for a baby – a desire so ferocious she’s prepared to take a terrible risk, without thought of the consequences her secret might unleash on the next generation.

Thrust into this unexpected turmoil, Eloise finds she is the one holding everything together for her loved ones – and by an ever-weakening thread. As her world implodes with the strain of being responsible for all around her, someone is bound to be overlooked. And the damage might be irreparable…

The question is what if love is not enough.

A riveting read full of truths and tender moments
— Good Housekeeping
Insightful, wonderfully written novel
— Closer
Powerful and emotional
— Red magazine