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about last night

For thirty years, best friends Steph and Pip have been through thick and thin. Selfless and trusting; there’s nothing they would not do for one another. Or so they thought. Steph tests the boundaries when she asks Pip to give her an alibi for the night her husband was involved in a hit and run. Lending her a pair of shoes, picking the kids up from the school gate, lying to the police… How far would you go for your best friend?

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Witty, spirited and emotionally true
— Woman & Home

men i've loved before

Neil and Nat are a beautifully matched couple. Among other things, they hate marmite and opera, they love smelly cheese and the missionary position and they both absolutely do not want children. Then, suddenly, Neil is practically begging her for a baby, causing Nat to wonder if he really is the man she should be with. Is it possible that someone from her past could actually be “the one”?

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— Heat

love lies

Fern can’t waste any more years on her boyfriend who won’t commit. A chance meeting with UK’s sexiest pop star leads to a whirlwind romance and a shock proposal. Soon Fern’s living the celebrity dream in LA. But why is this modern day Cinderella homesick for her scruffy London flat and her old fella?

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This is a brilliant novel
— Daily Mail

tell me something

English wife and Italian husband move to Italy to try for a child and a better life. But it’s impossible to relax with his wily mother-in-law, and beautiful ex-girlfriend always around. The language barrier is proving tricky, and the company of a gorgeous American stranger is proving tempting.

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Deliciously down to earth
— The Times

young wives' tales

Lucy stole her friend Rose’s ‘happily ever after’ because she wanted Rose’s husband and Lucy always gets what she wants. Big mistake. Rose was the ideal wife and is the ideal mother; Lucy was the perfect mistress. Now neither can find domestic bliss playing each others’ roles.

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Incisive and very very funny
— Company


Secrets always lead to trouble. Love triangles are always complex but in Bella’s case things are particularly dangerous as her secret is that she is married to both men in her triangle! Then, inconveniently, her best friend falls for husband number one - estranged Elvis impersonator - and they all head for a showdown in Las Vegas.

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Funny, tender and observant
— Grazia