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the other woman's shoes

The Evergreen sisters are united in envy of each other's love life. Martha and Michael have the perfect home, perfect family and the perfect life until one day, he leaves her. Eliza and Greg rent a one-bedroom flat where they make music and lots of love. Until one day, she leaves him.

Now the Evergreen sisters are united by separation and suddenly they are free to pursue the relationships and life styles they think they always wanted.

Eliza wants the ideal husband and fast. Sensible discourse and dinner parties with a man who doesn't buy groceries at the garage. Martha wants fun and lots of it. Great sex and high excitement courtesy of Jack-the-unpredictable-lad.

So, when both women find exactly what they're looking for, everybody's happy...aren't they? Or does chasing the perfect love only get more complicated when you're wearing another woman's shoes?

Sizzling Hot
— Marie Claire