Romantic comedy with attitude
— Tatler
You won’t be able to put it down
— Heat



Love triangles are always complex but in Bella Lawrence’s case things are particularly tricky as she is married to both men in her triangle.

Bella secretly married her childhood sweetheart, Stevie, over a decade ago. Things were fine whilst they were at university. They relished their secret and as they lived in a Halls of Residence they had no real responsibilities; they were two big kids playing house, playing grown ups. The reality of their situation didn’t hit until they graduated. Their love couldn’t flourish in a grotty flat where they argued about fledging careers and soaring overdrafts. It wasn’t long before they nose dived from loves young dream to a more ghoulish nightmare. When Bella couldn’t take it anymore she got up and left; preferring to live a commitment free existence miles away in London, than face her responsibilities.

Years later Bella meets Philip and despite her vow never to get seriously involved with anyone again, she can’t resist him. He is a catch. He’s charming, funny, interesting and kind. She impulsively agrees to his proposal, intending to tell him about her past but never quite finds the perfect moment. They marry and Philip is a great husband, Bella wants to be the perfect wife but how can she be when she is already someone else’s wife?

Bella plans never to reveal her secret, after all Stevie is no longer part of her life, despite what a silly piece of paper, lodged at a registrar’s office in Aberdeen, says to the contrary. She hasn’t seen him for years, will probably never see him again. Except that Bella’s best friend, Laura, has fallen in love and when she introduces her new man to the gang it is none other than Stevie. Could things get more complicated? Only if Bella and Stevie fall in love with each other again...

Funny, tender and observant
— Grazia