Parks’ style is down to earth and very, very funny
— OK
A very entertaining read
— Heat


game over

"I've turned my heart to steel. In fact even my closest friends question if I have one at all." I try to grin.

"You have a heart to break Cas, just like everyone else."

"I do not." I assert defiantly.

Cas Perry doesn't want a relationship. When her father walked out on her and her mother she decided relationships, love, marriage, the whole shebang, simply weren’t worth the heartache.

But is Cas, immoral most of the time and amoral when it comes to business, going too far with her new TV programme, Sex with an Ex? Unfeeling and unscrupulous, she ruthlessly manipulates everyone she comes into contact with.

Until she meets Darren.

A babe. Trouble is, he’s a highly principled babe. He believes in love, marriage, fidelity and constancy, so can he believe in Cas

Is it possible the world is a better place than she imagined? And if it is, after a lifetime of playing games, is this discovery too late

Game Over a book about the lethal games we play in the name of love.

Perfectly encapsulates the zeitgeist of ludicrous reality TV shows
— Heat